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Garden Machinery Manufacturer

Welcome to Xgroup Corporation Co., Ltd.! Here you will find premium garden machinery, including garden tiller and brush cutter. Xgroup is a professional garden equipment manufacturer in China. We have nearly two decades of experience in developing, producing, and exporting a variety of garden tools, like rear tine tiller, mini garden cultivator, hand push mower, backpack brush cutter, and so on. Powered by small gasoline engine, our garden tiller is small in size and light in weight. It is widely applied in the gardens and orchards of various terrains. Apart from superior garden cultivators, we also offer quality lawn mowers, including hand push brush cutter, side brush cutter, etc. All these garden machines are made of high quality raw materials with advanced technology and are strictly tested before delivery, so their quality is highly guaranteed. If you want to learn more about our gardening equipment, please feel free to contact us. We are always at your service!

    1. Four Stroke Mini Garden Tiller/Cultivator
    2. Four Stroke Mini Garden Tiller/CultivatorWith the size of 675 * 400 * 380 mm and the weight of 16.3kgs, the machine is a tiny, bracket type garden tiller. The four-stroke mini garden tiller uses the single-cylinder, four-stroke engine (139F) as its power system, and the maximum power of which is 0.85KW/7000RPM.
    1. Four Stroke Wheel Garden Tiller/Cultivator
    2. Four Stroke Wheel Garden Tiller/CultivatorWith powerful engine and low fuel consumption, the four-stroke wheel garden tiller adopts wheel move, making the operator carry it from side to side more easier. With the plowing width of 250mm and tillage depth of 90mm, the machine is ideal for rotary tillage or soil preparation operations. It can easily crush the soil.
    1. 2-Set Blades Mid-Tine Gasoline Tiller/ Cultivator
    2. 2-Set Blades Mid-Tine Gasoline Tiller/ CultivatorDue to the XP 140 engine whose maximum power and rotational speed is 2.4KW and 3600RPM respectively, the four-stroke engine with a overhead valve has a low fuel consumption. The machine can operate with little noise and the two-set blades improvement of the internal system enhances its reliability and versatility.
    1. 3-Set Blades Mid-Tine Gasoline Tiller/ Cultivator
    2. 3-Set Blades Mid-Tine Gasoline Tiller/ CultivatorThe X-GT40-1A 3-set blades mid-tine gasoline tiller is a combination of high load resistance, high-powered output, high reliability, low fuel consumption and can effectively reduce the use and maintenance costs. We have its internal settings improved to 3-set blades increased the width of the fender.
    1. 6.5HP Rear Tine Tiller/ Cultivator
    2. 6.5HP Rear Tine Tiller/ CultivatorOur newly developed X-GT65-2 6.5HP rear tine tiller is specifically designed to meet your farming requirements. It has the 1145 * 620 * 510 mm dimension and a moderate weight of 95kgs, making it applicable for cultivation of orchards, farmland, slope etc. The OHV, four-stroke ZS168FB engine ...
    1. Hand Push Brush Cutter
    2. Hand Push Brush CutterCombining outstanding features like multifunctional, wide range of application and high cost performance, the X - TG001 hand push brush mower of our company is one of the most popular lawn maintenance equipment in the market. Through years of hard work and research, we have successfully cut down its size to 91*37.6*43.5cm ...
    1. Multifunction Brush Cutter
    2. Multifunction Brush CutterThe new multifunction brush cutter feature many function that former products lack, such as automatic walking function, automatic recharge function, safety testing and battery detection purposes. Among the new representatives, the X - GZJ430A and the X - DCG430 type of multifunction brush cutter are equipped with the ...